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General Questions

01. What types of conference calls does TI Audio Conferencing offer?

We offer a wide range of conferencing services, including Reservationless and Scheduled audio conferencing.

02. How do I schedule a call for the first time?

For scheduling a Reservationless call, please visit the Getting Started user guide. For a Scheduled Conference, please reference the Scheduled Audio guides.

03. Why do I need to add a security question on the TeamConnect site?

BT will use the security question to verify your identity when system changes need to be made. For example, if someone has used your chairperson passcode (compromised the TI Strictly private policy) and a new one needs to be generated, BT will ask you to answer your security question before issuing you a new passcode.

04. What is the difference between a Reservationless and Scheduled conference?

A Scheduled conference is scheduled on the system in advance. Meeting hosts schedule conferences through TeamConnect. A Scheduled conference begins when the first participant or host joins the call.
A Reservationless conference allows meeting hosts to hold spontaneous conferences with no scheduling required. A Reservationless conference will not begin until the host joins the calls (the participants will hear a recording until the host joins).

05. What if I didn’t receive my welcome email?

Contact TI Central Help Desk. Your welcome email can be re-issued and/or assistance will be provided to resolve account issues.

06. I cannot find my coworker’s name in the TeamConnect directory when booking a meeting on his/her behalf.

Only people with accounts on the new TI Audio Conferencing system are shown in the directory. Once they have set up an account, you will be able to schedule on their behalf.

07. I Scheduled a conference “on behalf of” someone. Why didn’t he/she receive a confirmation email?

Only the person who schedules the conference receives the confirmation email.

08. How do I report noise/poor quality on a conference call?

Press *0 while you are on the conference call. A BT operator will assist you free of charge. Chairpersons and participants may dial *0 for real time assistance.

09. Can I mute my line or someone else’s on the system?

As a participant, you can mute your own line by pressing *6. If you are a conference chairperson, you can mute the lines of all participant lines by pressing *5.
Other touch tone commands can be found on your welcome email or

10. If I am not logged in to the TI network can I get information about the TI audio conferencing system?

Yes. Information, including local and global access numbers, is available from any computer (and most handhelds) at

11. If I am the meeting chairperson, do I have to use my chairperson code?

The host of a Reservationless conference must use their chairperson passcode to start the call. Your meeting cannot start unless you dial in using your chairperson passcode. Participants will hear a recording until the chairperson joins the Reservationless conference call.
The host of a Scheduled conference is not required to use a chairperson passcode to start the call. Chairperson passcode is optional on a Scheduled conference call. The host and participants may dial in using the participant passcode and the Scheduled conference call will begin immediately.

12. If my meeting runs long, does the conference auto-extend?


13. If my estimate of conference participants was too low, will people be unable to join?

No. The system will allow them to join. The estimated number of participants assists BT with capacity management.

14. Can contractors use the system?

Yes. Any employee or contractor who is listed in the corporate directory may sign up for an account on the TI Audio Conferencing system.

15. I gave someone my Reservationless chairperson passcode by mistake. How do I get a new one?

Please contact TI Central Help Desk to get a new Reservationless conference.

16. How do I get help with account issues, information on features, etc.?

If you experience a problem with the TI Audio Conferencing system or if you need account/password assistance, please contact TI Central Help Desk. More information regarding features, local access numbers, touchtone commands, etc. Is available at